Episode 24

Published on:

28th Aug 2020

Product Marketing Insider | Eve Brill

Head of Product Marketing at Farfetch, Eve Brill, shares with us how she transitioned over to a role in product marketing and her top tips for others wanting to make the move, how she elevated the role of PMMs at Farfetch and her advice for others looking to do the same, plus the three most important skills she believes have helped her grow the PMM function and her views on the future of the role.


"(To anyone transitioning into product marketing) I'd say don't have the mindset that 'I haven't been a product marketer before, so I can't be one now.' I guess generally in the marketing roles and in the technology industry, we do have a free flow skill set, but particularly for product marketing, because it's a relatively new and emerging skill set, I've found they're people with very diverse backgrounds and interests that have, in various ways, either consciously or unconsciously ended up in a product marketing role. In my career experience, I think this is the most diverse skill set role that I have seen."
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