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Behind the scenes, we’ve been talking to lots of product marketers from across the globe to get insider info about their journey into the world of product marketing.

Episode 8

Published on:

21st Nov 2019


Product Marketing Insider | Liza Collin, Visma

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We caught up with Liza Collin, Market Readiness Director at Visma, a few weeks before she took to the stage at London's Product Marketing Summit.

In the show, she tells us more about her Market Readiness role, how she got into product marketing in the first place, and what her relationships and dynamics look like with the rest of the business.


"I think that when we talk about product marketing, we tend to talk about the marketing side, but for me going with a new product to market, somebody has to take the ownership of the commercialization part."

Episode 7

Published on:

13th Nov 2019


Product Marketing Insider | Elizabeth Brigham, Morningstar

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Shortly after she picked up our Product Marketing Leader of the Year award in San Francisco, we set some time aside to chat to Elizabeth about her product marketing journey, a day in her life, the top skills that have helped her get where she is today, and some words of wisdom for new and aspiring product marketers.

Oh, and her reaction to receiving the award too, of course.


"I feel like I've tried to do my best to be a steward and an advocate for the discipline for many, many years, so I very much appreciate the award. It was an incredible honour."

Episode 6

Published on:

7th Nov 2019


Product Marketing Insider | Natasha Katson, JetBrains

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In this week's episode, we spoke to Russian-based product marketer Natasha Katson on how she found her way into product marketing, what strategies she uses to communicate with her 29-strong team, and coffee. Lots of coffee.


"Communication, the ability to quickly get to information and deal with it and for my company, I would say some technical skills because our products are really technical. I'd say they've been the most important skills for me."

Episode 5

Published on:

29th Oct 2019


Product Marketing Insider | G2 Product Marketing Team

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In the fifth week of the show, we caught up with G2 trio Yoni Solomon, Aubyn Casady and Gina Carr who took home our coveted Product Marketing Team of the Year award in San Francisco.

During the show, we dig into their dynamic, each's path into product marketing, their hectic release schedule, what exactly it is that makes their team work so well, and a whole load more.


"At G2, we have this implicit trust from leadership and so there's way less red tape and fewer places we might get stuck in the queue. We don't have executives reviewing our messaging, they trust us and they know that they hired us because we're experienced product marketers."

Episode 4

Published on:

11th Oct 2019


Product Marketing Insider | Kirk Bentley, Pop

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We quiz Kirk on everything from how he self-taught himself product marketing and what a day in his role looks like, to his relationships with the wider business, where the line sits between product marketing and product management, and more.


"I think a lot of people in general who are working in the digital marketing field are just kind of figuring it out as they go along, you know, especially the folks that are mid career. When we started, digital was in its infancy and we were just like, okay, this is the internet, let's figure it out."

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